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Resources for Measuring Social & Spiritual Impact


  1. The Engel Scale:  this is a scale developed and modified to understand and assess where people are in their relationship with God, and can be useful to assess spiritual impact beyond simply conversions:

  2. Most Significant Change:  this is a method used to collect data through stories.  Download manual at


Articles and Thought-Pieces on Tools and Methods

  1. Kurt Wilson writings on measuring intangibles and spiritual change:


Additional Resources, Discussion Opportunities, and Community Mailing Lists

  1. Accord Research Alliance (ARA):  a community geared towards research from a Christian perspective:

    1. join the mailing list at

    2. Access the October 2023 Spiritual Metrics materials at

  2. Spiritual Metrics Discussion Forum: you can join the discussion at

  3. The KIF Spiritual Impact Learning Community:  learn more about it at

  4. Mission ONE: this is Olivia Mulerwa’s organization:

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