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Multiply Your Impact.
Change the World.

We provide access to world-class
mentoring for social entrepreneurs.

A message from Ardent's CEO and Co-Founder, Ryan King.

Ardent Mentor.png

Ardent mentors can expect:

  • a mentee who can learn from your skills and experiences.​

  • a process and platform to make connecting easy.

  • onboarding process through The Ardent Approach that will increase your confidence as a mentor.

Ardent Mentee

Ardent mentees can expect:

  • exclusive access to a world-class, faith-based mentor.

  • a mentor who addresses your specific organizational needs.

  • an approach factors in faith and family dynamics.

  • mentoring that is affordable and convenient.

Ardent Partnership.png

Our strategic partners can expect to:

  • invest in the next generation of global leaders.

  • support innovative approaches to mission-driven work.

  • transform the lives of disadvantaged people.


Do you have a longing to make an impact in the next season of your life? Lloyd Reeb, a co-founder of Ardent Mentoring, explains how mentoring can make that a reality.

Barbara Mulkey
Ardent Mentor
Mulkey Engineers & Consultants

"Ardent made my mentoring experience easy by identifying my mentee, making all of the necessary arrangements, and scheduling all meetings. This left me with quality time with my mentee, who came to all meetings understanding expectations, eager to connect, and hungry to learn. I gained at least as much from this experience as my mentee, including a new friend!"

Brock Headshot (1).jpeg
Brock Meyer
Ardent Mentee
Founder & CEO, Wise Rock

“I learned a lot in a short period of time about things I didn’t know I didn’t know – things that only another person who has been in my shoes before could help me to see.”

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