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Multiply Your Impact.
Change the World.

We provide access to world-class
mentoring for social entrepreneurs.

Sean Lambert, President of YWAM San Diego/Baja, shares how his mentoring relationship with Ardent's Co-Founder, Chris Crane, helped shape the success of his enterprise. 

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We match you with high-capacity mentees who desire to make an impact with a tailored and efficient process that makes it easy for you to connect. We have also designed a peer mentoring experience called The Ardent Approach.

Ardent Mentee

We know what it is like to scale a new enterprise, and we also know how much one-on-one mentoring can add value. With Ardent, you gain exclusive access to a world-class, faith-based mentor that will help you where you need it most. 

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We are looking for strategic partners interested in becoming involved with our work. When you partner with us, you transform the lives of disadvantaged people globally by providing social entrepreneurs access to affordable, world-class mentoring. 

Lloyd Reeb, Co-Founder, HalfTime Institute and Board Chair and Co-Founder, Ardent Mentoring

Nick #1.jpg
Nick Hackett
New Way Air Bearings

“If you have a passion for mentorship and want to significantly impact the world, then I highly recommend Ardent Mentoring. They will match you with an established growth-stage social entrepreneur who can uniquely benefit from your mentorship. Ardent will take care of all the details, screening, and initial scheduling and even provide resources to help you reach your full mentorship potential.”

Brock Headshot (1).jpeg
Brock Meyer
Founder & CEO
Wise Rock

"I have felt so fortunate to be a mentee on the Ardent Mentoring platform. I don't know of any other way to be connected to a great mentor who is willing to share their time and experience so freely.  I have learned a lot in a short period of time about things I didn't know I didn't know - things that only another person who has been in my shoes before could help me to see."

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