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100x Impact Updates

We connect high-capacity social enterprises with successful mentors so their impact can be multiplied. Our partners are providing America’s first certified regenerative dairy on the California coast, fighting human trafficking throughout South Africa, creating gridless solar electricity in the Philippines, providing prosthetics to developing nations on multiple continents, working to alleviate poverty, create jobs, and improve the quality of life in nations all over the world.

Yvette Ondachi, Ardent board member, founder of Ojay Greene, and East Africa Director of Sales & Strategic Partnerships at Sinapis shares her Ardent mentoring experience

100x Impact Reports:


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Ardent Mentoring 2023 - 100x Impact Report.png

Hear more on Ardent's impact
from our mentees:

Kristen Staples & Phil Johnson

Executive Director and Founder of Hope To Walk

Ben Carlson

Co-Founder of Long Miles Coffee

Dr. Richard Mutura

CEO of Community Transformation Center

Aimee Minnich

Co-Founder, Chief Impact Officer, & General Counsel at Impact Foundation

Nahum Jeannot

CEO & Co-Founder of GoOats, LLC

Shep Owen

President of LifeNet International

Otto Monroy

President of LogosWorks

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