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Could we be a resource for your community?

Together, we can impact the lives of many more disadvantaged people by offering world-class mentoring to Social Entrepreneurs.

An interview with one of our partners, Bryan Chrisman, Senior Advisor for Impact Foundation

We have partnered with organizations, impact funds, accelerators, and movements to add value to those they work with by leveraging world-class mentoring to scale multiple bottom lines.
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David Simms
Talanton Managing Partner & Founder

"Ardent Mentoring has been a trusted partner of Talanton for more than two years.  Multiple business leaders in our East African portfolio are benefiting from excellent Ardent mentors who are helping  guide rapidly growing businesses to deliver strong missional impact alongside financial returns. As our client portfolio grows, we expect to continue to offer Ardent mentors to those new businesses."

Luke Dooley.jpg
Luke Dooley
CEO, OCEAN Programs

"At OCEAN we believe entrepreneurs are some of the most precious resources in the world. Beyond being founders, or business leaders, they are humans, capable of experiencing monumental highs and lows throughout their journey. It's critical to meet practical needs and care for the whole person... that's why our partnership with Ardent has been so meaningful. In Ardent we have a trusted network of mentors we can hand our founders off to and know they will continue to receive loving support and practical wisdom."

Enterprises We Have Served

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