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The Ardent Approach

Onboarding Ardent mentors and enhancing their impact.

Niko Lorentzatos, Ardent Mentor/Certified HalfTime coach, shares his experience going through The Ardent Approach.

Helping mentors multiply their impact

We developed the Ardent Approach to serve our growing community of mentors.

√ Learn the Ardent Approach to mentoring

√ Experience the joy of sharing your wisdom.

√ Learn from other mentors.

√ Encourage and equip each other.

√ Grow your network

Girl taking note next to a laptop

How It Works

1. Become an
Ardent Mentor
2. Fill out a mentoring skills assessment
3. Learn the Ardent Approach to mentoring
4. Meet with a  Champion Mentor.

Already an Ardent Mentor, Join the Onboarding.

Want to become an Ardent Mentor?

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